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Discover the world of sound through our compact yet powerful free app. Measure decibels, explore the frequency spectrum, and visualize sound with ease. Whether you’re a music lover, professional, or simply curious, our app puts the wonders of audio in your pocket.
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Introducing our versatile app equiped with a Decibel Meter, Frequency Spectrum display, and an insightful Spectogram feature.

Sorama App - Sorama app -

Features of the app

Decibel Meter

The decibel meter provides insight in the overall sound level of your environment expressed in Decibel (dB). Louder sound levels equals to higher Decibels.

Frequency Spectrum

The frequency spectrum displays the sound level per frequency, expressed in Hertz (Hz). The human hearing range is on average between 20 and 20.000 Hertz, but this differs between individuals.


The spectrogram shows the soundlevel per frequency, over time. The soundlevel is expressed in colours. Loud noises are red, and softer noises are blue.

Examples situations

Sound levels​

Explore sound levels effortlessly with Sorama App! Use our App features: Decibel Meter, Frequency Spectrum, and Spectrogram to analyze the sound around you. Calibrate your microphone for basic measurements—remember, it’s for personal insights, not professional comparisons.

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Sorama App - Sorama app -