CAM iV64s

Effortlessly detect acoustic leaks with the Sorama CAM iV64s. Visualize both audible and ultrasonic sources to identify airtightness leaks, unwanted sound transmission, and compressed gas leaks.

Sorama CAM iV64s - CAM iV64s -

Clear and convenient interior wall acoustic leak detection and simple airtightness leak visualization, with no need for pressurization or specific environmental conditions (cold weather), makes Sorama CAM iV64s stand out from any other solution.

By extending its sensitivity into the ultrasonic domain, the camera can accurately show sources even in loud environments. When used in combination with an ultrasonic speaker, the Sorama CAM iV64s provides accurate airtightness leak detection with no disturbance to the user or surroundings.

Sorama CAM iV64s product features

Handheld and compact


Acoustic sensor optimized for ultrasound


Real-time sound visualization


Class 1 frequency response *


Sorama CAM iV64s - CAM iV64s -


3h battery life with a removable smart battery


Wireless file transfer


Bluetooth speaker connectivity


Video, Image and SOR (Sorama RAW format) recording

* 31.5Hz to 20kHz, when measuring sources directly in front of the camera

And can be used in the following solutions

CAM iV64s facade balcony airtightness energy leaks
CAM iV64s inside noise hospitals airtightness energy leaks
CAM iV64s facade window airtightness energy leaks

Localize air leaks within buildings

Detect gas leaks within hospitals​

Localize air leaks within buildings

Sorama CAM iV64s - CAM iV64s -
CAM iV64s inside noise hospital airtightness energy leaks
CAM iV64s office partition airtightness energy leaks

Localize sound leaks inside of the buildings​

Localize disturbing noise leaks inside offices

Detect unwanted sound leaks in buildings

Experience the Sorama CAM iV64s: effortlessly detecting, visualizing, and isolating sound sources beyond human hearing. Easy to use, yet powerful in its capabilities.
Sorama CAM iV64s airtightness energy leak detection
Sorama CAM iV64s - CAM iV64s -

Powerful Post-inspection analysis

Maximize the impact of your measurements with the Sorama CAM iV64s by seamlessly uploading them to the Sorama Portal. Our advanced acoustic post-processing capabilities offer invaluable insights, generate comprehensive reports, and grant access to expert knowledge from our team of acoustic consultants.

Licences and bundles

Sorama CAM iV64s - CAM iV64s -




Reverberation Time (RT60)
Sound Reduction Index (EU)
Sound Transmission Class (US)
Speech level reduction of enclosures (PODS)

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