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Visualize sound

In combination with our acoustic cameras, the Sorama Portal enables you to do thorough acoustic analysis without having to be an acoustic expert.

Sorama Portal - sorama portal -

The Sorama Portal is our web-based platform for in-depth acoustic analysis.
It allows you to compare and further investigate the measurements made with our acoustic cameras in high detail.

The visualization of acoustic data removes the need for acoustic expertise. Anyone can use the Sorama Portal to dive into noise related problems. Using the Portal’s post-processing and reporting functionalities vastly enhances your possibilities with our acoustic cameras.

Don’t have an acoustic camera yet? Have a look at our beginner-friendly CAM iV64.

The Sorama Portal includes the following features

Time Analysis


Spectrum Analysis


Spectrogram Analysis


Sorama Portal - sorama portal -


Far Field Beamforming


Near Field Holography


Reporting tools

And can be used in the following solutions

Sorama Portal - sorama portal -

Sorama Acoustic Design Cycle

Air and sound leak detection

Leak Detection

Sorama Portal - sorama portal -

Partial Discharge

Sorama Portal - sorama portal -


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