PSV and Sorama announced a 5 year cooperation on sound innovation in sports and stadiums

PSV is entering into a long-term partnership with Sorama.

The innovative Eindhoven sound and visualization company has committed itself to the club for five seasons.

Enhancement stadium experience

Sorama is an internationally successful high-tech company from Eindhoven that is specialized in visualizing, interpreting and making sound functionally applicable. PSV will integrate various forms of this into the Philips Stadium. With this, the club wants to make existing systems in the field of light, sound and CCTV smarter, and improve the guest and fan experience during matches and events. “We are very happy with this collaboration,” says Frans Janssen, Commercial Director of PSV. “It has great potential and fits within our vision of the stadium of the future. We want to be at the forefront with products that promote the football experience. That’s what Sorama’s applications do. This collaboration is perfectly in line with our vision of wanting to continue to innovate ”, says Janssen.


At Sorama they are also looking forward to the coming years. “We are very proud to join PSV Business,” says Rick Scholte, founder and CEO of Sorama B.V. “In the coming years we will be entering into a unique collaboration, in which we will apply the latest innovations in the field of sound in and around the Philips Stadium, the heart of Brainport. I’m really looking forward to that. “

Sorama HR3
Sorama HR2

Read more about the latest innovation Sorama L642 acoustic monitors which are applied in the PSV stadium or contact us by e-mail.