Release notes L642

Implemented GPS sensor
Implemented gyroscope sensor
Added loud vehicle detection page(License needed to use feature)
Integrated loud vehicle detection into milestone
Settable start time for measurements

Added event localization to the SoundSurface page
Added event localization to the streaming page
Added area of interest to the streaming page

Added the ability to capture an image with soundmap overlay and spectrogram
Added partial discharge classifier
Added broken glass classifier
Added aggression classifier
Added alarm classifier
Added gun shot classifier
Able to record video up to half an hour
Able to record audio up to half an hour
Able to start/stop video measurements
Able to start/stop audio measurements
Improved image capture

SoundSurface’s now have multiple array functionality
When devices are put in multiple array mode they can now update their children’s settings
Added the anomaly detector
Added the vehicle detector

Added the option for .wav measurement

Added as2 measurements for images
Added as2 measurements for videos
Added events on soundSurface measurements
Added events on Leq measurements
LEQ (combined) measurements are now stored for a month also after a reboot
Device manager split off from SSDS, making device management more stable