Sitech and Sorama working together on asset health monitoring and inspections in Ex-zones

Sitech and Sorama working together on asset health monitoring and inspections in Ex-zones

Sitech is entering into a strategic partnership with Sorama B.V., a specialist company in acoustic camera and sensor technology in ATEX environments. For Sitech, the partnership is a great addition to its inspection and asset health monitoring services in Ex-zones.

The acoustic products can be deployed via handheld devices, fixed and/or via ‘mount & move’, meaning integrated on robotic platforms from EXRobotics, for example. The application areas are inspections (locating gas/air/steam leaks) in explosion hazardous environments and mechanical condition monitoring based on acoustics (trend monitoring and anomaly detection).

Michel Weeda, VP Sustainable Industries for Sorama B.V.: “The partnership with Sitech means a strong strategic service offering in the Southeast Netherlands specifically focused on our ATEX solutions. The combination with our specialised knowledge in acoustics and our products enables us to work together to offer more companies integrated solutions to improve safety, reduce emissions and at the same time reduce their energy and maintenance costs by providing early warning information related to the state of their assets.”

Sitech and Sorama look forward to a fruitful collaboration that improves the chemical process industry in terms of safety and sustainability.

About Sorama B.V.
Sorama, founded in 2009, is an Eindhoven-based technology company providing acoustic cameras and sensors including analysis software and services. Sorama focuses on creating insight into the location, strength and content of sounds that pose potential problems for safety, emissions, security, reliability, damage and quality of production and processes for customers. The industrial portfolio includes fixed, handheld and mount & move (integrated on robotic platforms) solutions that can be used in ATEX environments.

About Sitech
Sitech is a leading technology partner, based at the Chemelot site in Geleen, the Netherlands. Sitech achieves maximum plant performance and cost-effectiveness for its clients and does this with the latest technological applications, the right expertise, the best innovations and far-reaching digitization, and has always been renowned for its combination of expertise and reliability, and for its determination to constantly innovate. As part of the Ebert HERA group, Sitech has around 3000 specialists, improving, maintaining and sustaining the full life cycle of assets within the chemical process industry.