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Due to global urbanization trends, cities grow larger every day and simultaneously become more difficult to manage. Municipalities are forced to turn to new technologies to be able to handle more traffic, residents, commutes and pollution to keep their city safe, liveable and healthy.
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How acoustics help create liveable cities

Safe cities are transitioning into smart cities in an effort to digitalize city- and traffic management to keep the city moving. But in the aftermath, noise pollution increases and so do the health risks. Noise pollution is the second largest health risk, after air pollution en environmental monitoring helps to gain valuable insights.

A city can be a noisy place depending on many different conditions. Understanding the behavior of sound and it’s source will help minucipalities to make their city a healthier place.

This e-book covers the most common noise complaints and how acoustics may help you solve sound issues. From managing busy night life areas, reducing traffic noise, more energy efficient buildings and introducing loud vehicle detection.

Download our e-book and learn how acoustics can help you to make your city sound right! 

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City of Eindhoven

Challenged by complex noise complaints, the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands needed a device that could quickly visualize sound sources to reduce environmental noise around its popular night life area Stratumseind.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make the world sound right. Whether it is silence or noise, our goal is to make it sound right for you. We contribute to a better sounding world by driving innovation to make sound insightful. The visualization of sound empowers people with actionable data to reduce unwanted noise efficiently and effectively. 

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