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In our ebook we explain how to give your stadium super powers with acoustic technology! Discover new, smart ways of fan engagement, improve safety & security and reduce operational cost.

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What is a Smart Stadium?

A smart stadium is a technologically advanced venue that incorporates sensor technology and interconnected devices into an eco-system to enhance the overall fan experience, optimize operations and improve safety and security. 

By leveraging advanced analytics with a data-driven approach, a smart stadium is able to create an immersive and efficient environment where data analytics gather insights on crowd behavior, traffic patterns and facility usage.

Using advanced smart stadium technology to enhance fan engagement, spectators are given the most unforgettable and engaging experience imaginable. 

Adding acoustic sensor technology to a smart stadium eco-system unlocks a range of ways to activate fans before, during and in between the game.

Drive fun gamification events at half-time by choosing the Fan of the Match or the Loudest seat section by simply measuring the sound level in specific areas.

Fans are having the best time when their team is winning. So making optimal use of acoustic sensor data allows you to link fan behavior to player performance to give your team some extra cheers when they need it most.

In short, smart stadiums are a hub where innovation and sports converge to create a connected and immersive environment for fans and athletes.

Fan engagament: Dutch national soccer team

By measuring the decibels of the ‘Orange army’ during an international soccer game, we were able to show that data on  the big screens. Improving the positive atmosphere and increasing safety in the stadium.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make the world sound right. Whether it is silence or noise, our goal is to make it sound right for you. We contribute to a better sounding world by driving innovation to make sound insightful. The visualization of sound empowers people with actionable data to reduce unwanted noise efficiently and effectively. 

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