CAM1K Acoustic Camera

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Sorama CAMs enable engineers to gain insight into their NVH-issues by themselves, through the visualization of sound and sound behavior. The CAM1K is the top-of-the-line product in the Sorama assortment of sound cameras. It is is an easy-to-use sound measurement system that converts noise and vibration data into easy-to-interpret visual information. Without any need for academic acoustic support.

The CAM1K is a powerful tool that is paired with the Sorama Portal; your go-to platform to analyse your data and gather knowledge on acoustics and sound design.

Main specifications:

  • Far Field beamforming: Optimal conditions between 300 Hz – 15 kHz

  • Near Field Acoustic Holography: frequency range 25 Hz – 23 kHz

  • 1024 microphones, 64 x 64 cm array size

  • Integrated HD video camera

For more detailed specifications of the CAM1K, see the specification sheet.

Why choose the CAM1K ?

The CAM1K is the right choice if you have a bigger surface to measure or want to localize lower frequency sound sources in Far Field beamforming. Near-field acoustic holography is up to 30 times faster than other cameras, including our own CAM64.

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Why use an Acoustic Camera?

  • Visualised sound-insights help you solve acoustic sound problems
    • Fast & efficient
    • Effective
    • Create self-explaining visuals to share insights with your management and customer
  • Near- and Far-Field sound imaging
  • Easy-to-use online accessible analysis software
  • All the analysis tools are there:
    • Beamforming,
    • Spectral analysis,
    • Octave and 1/3 octave band visuals,
    • Harmonics detection,
    • Advanced Acoustic Holography and more!
  • Easily export results in common file format:
    • PNG, JPEG, MP4 & WEBM
  • Support helpdesk by e-mail, phone & TeamViewer or on-site