Depending on the urgency, complexity and recurrence of the sound problem, it may be interesting to hire us as a consultant. The other option is to invest in your own acoustic camera and become a Sorama community-member.

CoolerMasterparallax sound testing
Trust Sorama for a full sound imaging analysis. We bring all the right tools and expertise to analyse your product. This can be part of a complete product-noise improvement process.

Anyone can visualize noise-sources.
Our consultants are well-experienced and highly trained to create a live image with a visual sound-overlay of your product.
This provides you with immediate visual recognition of the sound-source and behavior in one image.

These sound-images, combined with our expertise in mechanical engineering and dynamics, enable us to find noise sources faster than with any other available technique.
As an example we like to refer to a recent project we did with Giant. See how the 1024 microphones of the CAM1K listen to the e-bike noise and visualize the actual sound-waves.

The reduction in resonance in only two design-modifications shows the value of Making Sound Insightful.
Of course we report our findings and conclusions in a report and a management presentation.

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