Sorama Portal

Visualize sound in great detail

Why a Sorama Portal?

Sorama users world-wide form a community, you all have a lot in common.
We actively promote knowledge-sharing towards and by our community.

We offer our community a gateway to our sound-processing algorithms by making the acoustic processing algorithms available to each member.
This means that, in addition to smart algorithms, there is a smart community of Portal users to help you get the best out of your Sorama product.

How does the Sorama Portal work?

After installing the acoustic camera you are ready to start measuring.
The first step is to connect to the Portal, a HTML5 cloud-based platform which can easily be accessed from your web browser.
When connected, all functionalities of your product become available and you can start your intended activities.
The Sorama Portal is accessible to members; we offer several levels of membership.

What can I do with the Sorama Portal?

Through the portal you can operate the Sorama acoustic cameras to stream, record and analyse sound.
Of course you can continue to process earlier recordings.
By uploading your acoustic measurement into the cloud, any of your colleagues world-wide can participate and perform analysis on the shared measurements.

sorama cloud analyze portal cam64 acoustic camera microphone array

Want to get in touch?

Daniel, our Business Developer, can tell you more about the Portal and our services in a personal call or meeting. Feel free to contact him:


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