Compressed air leak detection

Compressed air systems are one of the most commonly used energy systems, also in Ex-zones. Frequently monitoring if the instrument air systems are not leaking will reduce unnessecary loss of resources and capacity and enhance plant safety & reliability.

Detecting compressed air leaks in Ex-zones becomes quicker and safer with Sorama’s acoustic imaging leak detection solution for air, gas and vacuum systems. 

*ATEX certification pending

Compressed air leak detection

When working with compressed air, leaks are pretty much inevitable. Regular inspections are a must in keeping your systems working optimal, but can be challenging when the system is located in an Ex-zone.

Perfoming inspections with an acoustic camera will allow for precise and speedy maintenance.

Rather than adding capacity, maintaining and repairing your system sufficiently is key. Acoustic inspections are less intrusive, faster and safer than traditionally used methodes such as using soapy water to visualize air leaks. This will have a positive effect on your ROI.

An acoustic camera, such as the Sorama CAM iV64Ex, is specifically designed for use in Ex-zones, and is easy-to-handle for operators. Weather the leak is caused by corrossion, mechanical impact, improper repairs or over-pressurizing,acoustic imaging will help you pin-point  those spots.

Using sound pressure levels (even ultrasonic),  the leaks can be detected, located and visualized on the touchscreen, regardless if the environment is noisy, allowing for 24/7 inspections and in any type of weather conditions.

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex is ideal for infield measurements inside Ex-zones. By instantly visualizing leaks in compressed air systems, vacuumsystems or system air, acoustic inspection knows many benefits.

The Sorama L642Ex is the perfect air leak monitoring solution in Ex-zones. Limiting human delpoyment, the safety risk is significantly reduced and leaks are detected early, reducing unnesseccary losses.

Prefer autonomous inspections? Then we team up with one of our robots partners for routine inspections in Ex-zones. 

Compressed air leak detection - Compressed air leak detection -
Acoustic inspection in Ex-zones

Return on investment

Investing in an acoustic camera for compressed ar leak detection has several benefits that have a positive return on investment:

  • Rapid and accurate detection of air leaks using an acoustic camera improves overall safety by minimizing the risk of potential incidents.
  • Sorama Ex cameras allow for non-intrusive monitoring and early detection of potential leak sources, enabling preventive maintenance before issues escalate.
  • Implementing an acoustic Ex camera for leak detection enhances operational efficiency by providing real-time insights into the integrity of air systems, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards.

Rather than investing in more capacity, maintaining your current system to perform at it full capacity is often cheaper and more durable.

Our products used for compressed air leak detection

Sorama CAM iV64Ex

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex handheld acoustic camera is explosion-proof and can detect, localize and visualize gas, air and steam leaks enabling advanced predictive maintenance.

Ideal for verification and detailed acoustic inspection for better safety and lower emission.

Compressed air leak detection - Compressed air leak detection -
Compressed air leak detection - Compressed air leak detection -

Sorama L642Ex

The Sorama L642Ex system consists of the Listener software platform and the L642 Acoustic Monitor.

This explosion-proof device enables better leak detection, partial discharge monitoring and mechanical inspection in unmanned Ex-zones. Also available for several Ex-robotics partners.

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