Fan engagement

Using our acoustic sensor platform, the L642 acoustic monitor, Sorama is unlocking new ways for digital fan engagement.

By analyzing sound, our technology generates a heatmap-like visualization of sound. This enables you to pinpoint the exact event that made your fans roar and increase engagement.

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What is fan engagement? Smart stadiums use data analytics from an interconnected eco-system to enhance the overall fan experience and improve safety & security.

By leveraging advanced realtime data analytics, fans get an immersive and unforgettable experience of the game.

Highly engaged fans will boost ticket and merchandise sales, athlete performance as well as sponsorships. All together, your fans are your strongest marketing tool.

Using acoustic sensor technology, a new dimension of fan engagement is unlocked. Whether it’s American football, soccer, baseball, hockey or basketball, fans want the best experience. Digital fan engagement allows you to actively involve fans before, during and after the game.

Smart stadium can implement gamification elements and challenges during times the engagement is typically low. This might involve interactive quizzes, predictive games and rewards.

The goal of sports fan engagement in smart stadiums is to create an interactive, connected and immersive experience for fans and foster a deeper connection with the game, the team and fellow fans.

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A guide to Enhancing Fan Engagement through Acoustics

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Safety & Security in Smart Stadiums

Ensuring the safety and security of your spectators while they cheer for the teams is a primary concern for your safety and security unit. Even though some fans are incredibly passionate, it only takes a single incident to trigger an escalation.

Utilizing fan engagement as a means to maintain a positive and safe atmosphere directly benefits the safety and security of the fans. Additionally, with seat-level accuracy, you can pinpoint the exact location of any troublemakers when a situation is about to escalate. This enables you to discreetly and safely remove unwanted fans from the stadium, allowing everyone else to enjoy the game.

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Fan engagement use case examples

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Sorama Chant classifier for safer stadiums

Chant classifier

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Social media content

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VMS Integration

The L642 series is connected and operated through the free Listener Platform Dashboard. It is a user-friendly interface for setup and configuration and provides insights into sound pressure levels and customer-configurable sound events.

To uncover the full potential of the L642’s Environmental Monitoring, you integrate it in your video management software for an integrated approach.

Our product used for Fan Engagement

Sorama L642 acoustic monitor

L642 Acoustic Monitor

The Sorama L642V Acoustic Monitor forms the foundation of our fan engagement solution. It is equipped with 64 MEMS microphones and an integrated camera.

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