Gas Leak Detection

Gas leak detection for industrial sites has become much safer with the Sorama explosion-proof (Ex) sound camera* that will show you exactly where natural gas is leaking. Use the monitor for unmanned areas and the sound camera for in-field acoustic inspection.

*ATEX certification pending

Gas leak detection

Gas leak detection (ATEX & IECEx certification pending)

Explosion-proof acoustic equipment can be used for early detection of gas leaks. While gas meters will only detect the gas when it has already spread, sound sensors can detect gas leaks by monitoring the changes in sound.

These changes in sound are hard to hear and will occur before the gas has spread throughout the industrial sites. Using Ex acoustic equipment means a preventative approach that can be cost efficient and lifesaving.

The explosion-proof sound sensors can be used to monitor from a safe and remote distance, while the sound camera is used for inspection. The CAM iV64Ex can be used without special training. Just aim the camera at an installation and the CAM iV64Ex will show you exactly where the sound is coming from.

Highly diffuse gasses like hydrogen and other combustable materials can be toxic and difficult to handle. Monitoring gas leaks using acoustic inspection is a great way to monitor for unwanted emission in Ex-zones.

Implementing acoustic inspection in your maintenance plan will improve safety and efficiency for your site.

Hydrogen leak detection

Our products used for Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection - Gas leak detection -

Sorama L642Ex - Coming Soon

The Sorama L642Ex consists of the Listener Software platform and the L642 Acoustic Monitor. This explosion-proof solution delivers all capabilities of a traditional sound level meter, with many added values to make acoustic measurements insightful. Ideal for unmanned areas.

The L642Ex is coming soon. Click below to register and stay up-to-date.

Sorama CAM iV64Ex - Coming Soon

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex handheld acoustic camera is explosion-proof and performs as accurately as a sound level meter (Class-1 SLM performance), with the additional feature of detecting and visualizing sound to the specific sound source. Ideal for verification anf detailed acoustic inspection.

The Sorama CAM iV64EX is coming soon. Click below to register and stay up-to-date.

Gas Leak Detection - Gas leak detection -

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