Due to the low molecular mass porperty of hydrogen and its high diffusivity, detecting leaks in Ex-zones* is very challenging. It’s properties allow the H2 gas to easily escape through small openings in the system, causing unwanted emission.

The hydrogen leak detection technology in Soramas acoustic Ex cameras is able to detect and visualize even the smallest hydrogen leak sources in tanks, pipes and  valves, despite the weather conditions.

*ATEX certification pending

Hydrogen leak detection

Common hydrogen leak detection systems, such as hydrogen sniffers, are limited to detecting the presence of hydrogen. When a detactable level of hydrogen is identified, an alarm is triggered in your maintenance management system.

However, without localization, the maintenance crew will need to find the leak before it can be repaired. And eventhough H2 is not toxic, it is combustable in high pressure storage tanks and a leak can cause valuable losses.

Using the handheld Sorama CAM iV64Ex acoustic camera, the hydrogen leak can be detected, localized and visualized as soon as it has developed. Even the smallest leak will create high frequency sound waves in the air, which the camera can detect and visualize. Just scan the area and measure. The leak is displayed on the devices’ touch screen in a heatmap-like visualization, pin pointing the exact location of the leak. Making the repairement quick and easy.

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex can be used to verify and localize detections from other hydrogen leak monitoring systems, or for incidental in-field measurements. While the Sorama L642Ex is a fixed solution that can monitor, detect and localize hydrogen leaks in Ex zones (ATEX, IECEx, etc), integrated in your Maintenance management system via API to support predictive maintenance programs.

Hydrogen LEAK DETECTION - Hydrogen -
Hydrogen leak detection, using an acoustic camera

Return on investment

Investing in an acoustic camera for hydrogen leak detection has several benefits that have a positive return on investment:

  • Rapid and accurate detection of hydrogen leaks using an acoustic camera improves overall safety by minimizing the risk of potential explosions associated with hydrogen.
  • Sorama Ex cameras allow for proactive monitoring and early detection of potential leak sources, enabling preventive maintenance before issues escalate.
  • Implementing an acoustic Ex camera for leak detection enhances operational efficiency by providing real-time insights into the integrity of hydrogen systems, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards.

Our products used for hydrogen leak detection

Sorama CAM iV64Ex

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex handheld acoustic camera is explosion-proof and can detect, localize and visualize gas, air and steam leaks enabling advanced predictive maintenance.

Ideal for verification and detailed acoustic inspection for better safety and lower emission.

Hydrogen LEAK DETECTION - Hydrogen -
Hydrogen LEAK DETECTION - Hydrogen -

Sorama L642Ex

The Sorama L642Ex system consists of the Listener software platform and the L642 Acoustic Monitor.

This explosion-proof device enables better leak detection, partial discharge monitoring and mechanical inspection in unmanned Ex-zones.

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