Loud vehicle detection

Traffic noise is one of the most common noise complaints. Therefore, reducing traffic noise can have a large impact on the livability within cities. Environmental monitoring allows you to detect loud vehicles and visualize the noise issue.

Our Loud Vehicle Detection solution for smart cities, also called the noise camera, increases road safety and makes urban traffic quieter.

Loud vehicle detection - Loud vehicle detection -
Loud vehicle detection - Loud vehicle detection -
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The loud vehicle detection solution continuously monitors noisy traffic area’s that cause high levels of traffic noise. It creates valuable insights into the source of traffic noise and actionable data to reduce noise pollution in cities.

The ‘noise camera’ is the product of a close collaboration between Sorama and Axis Communications. By combining Axis’ smart IP-cameras and Soramas L642 Acoustic Monitors, the solution proved to be able to detect, identify and locate noise pollution and road aggression. The data can be forwarded to local authorities for further enforcement. With the gained insights municipalities can have a proactive approach in making city traffic safer.

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Loud vehicle detection use cases examples

Loud vehicle detection - Loud vehicle detection -

Detecting loud vehicles

Loud vehicle detection - Loud vehicle detection -

Electric vehicle classification

Loud vehicle detection - Loud vehicle detection -

Vehicle counting

Loud vehicle detection - Loud vehicle detection -

VMS Integration

The L642 series is connected and operated through the free Listener Platform Dashboard. A user friendly interface for setup and configuration and provides insights into sound pressure levels and customer configurable sound events.

To uncover the full potential of the L642’s Loud Vehicle Detection, you integrate it in your video management software for a holistic traffic management approach.

Our product used for Loud Vehicle Detection

Sorama L642 acoustic monitor

L642 Acoustic Monitor

The Sorama L642V Acoustic Monitor forms the foundation of the Loud Vehicle Detection solution. It is equipped with 64 MEMS microphones and an integrated camera.

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