Mechanical inspection

Detect early malfunction and ware in mechanical tools and equipment in hazardous zones (ATEX, IECEX*, etc). By implementing acoustic inspection in your predictive maintenance plan with Soramas Ex-cameras, you gain actionable data for your maintenance team.

Prevent major malfunctions and unplanned maintenance by keeping your equipment up-to-date with standards and regulations to ensure compliance and a safe working environment.

*ATEX certification pending

Mechanical anomaly monitoring with acoustic inspection for ATEX zones

Return of investment

Investing in certified EX equipment can be costly, but when your equipment helps to reduce losses and helps to optimize your site's efficiency and safety, your investment is quickly earned back.

Mechanical inspection - Mechanical inspection -

Explosion-proof acoustic equipment can be used for early detection of mechanical malfunctions. Regular checks, lubrication, and replacement of components can be scheduled quickly after detection from autonomous or fixed acoustic inspection, reducing cost on time spend on prevention inspection, replacing malfunctioning equipment and loss of availability caused by unexpected failure.

Acoustic anomalies indicating ware in early stages are almost impossible to detect. Therefor, implementing acoustic inspection for mechanical equipment in your predictive maintenance plan will result in better site health, availability, efficiency and safety.

Sorama’s fixed Sorama L642Ex monitor can be used for mechanical anomaly inspection from a safe and remote distance, while the Sorama CAM iV64Ex acoustic camera is used for handheld in-field inspection.

Our products used for mechanical anomaly inspection

SoramaL642Ex acoustic camera

Sorama L642Ex

The Sorama L642Ex consists of the Listener Software platform and the L642 Acoustic Monitor. This explosion-proof solution delivers all capabilities of a traditional sound level meter, with many added values to make acoustic measurements insightful. Ideal for unmanned areas.

Sorama CAM iV64Ex

The Sorama CAM iV64Ex handheld acoustic camera is explosion-proof and performs as accurately as a sound level meter (Class-1 SLM performance), with the additional feature of detecting and visualizing sound to the specific sound source. Ideal for verification and detailed acoustic inspection.

Mechanical inspection - Mechanical inspection -

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