Night life monitoring

A busy night life area can be a great asset to a city. But is often a great source of noise and discomfort for local residents. Sorama’s Night life monitoring solution uses acoustic imaging to visualize sound levels and behavior.

The heatmap-like visualization of sound is easy-to-interpret and enables cities to take effective action against noise pollution.

Night life monitoring - Night life monitoring -

With advanced audio classification capabilities, the Sorama L642 acoustic monitor, monitors sound levels but also excels in accurately classifying various sound events.

This enables night life monitoring to efficiently locate instances of aggression, whether it concerns an individual or a group. The monitor provides high spatial accuracy, allowing for precise identification and timely intervention. The Sorama L642 facilitates street level sound intensity mapping, providing valuable insights into the acoustic landscape of night life areas. By mapping the distribution of sound intensities, it becomes easier to identify specific locations where noise levels exceed acceptable limits. This information can be utilized to enforce noise pollution laws effectively, targeting sources such as vehicles, cafes, and even people.

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Smart city solutions for night life

By integrating the Sorama L642 with smart city solutions, embedded with intelligent algorithms, the system can swiftly detect customer-configurable sound events and triggers. This real-time monitoring enables early detection of potential aggression, empowering authorities to take proactive measures to prevent escalation and maintain a safe and enjoyable night life environment.

In summary, the Sorama L642 acoustic monitor is a powerful tool for enhancing safety and fun in night life areas. Its audio classification capabilities, precise location detection, street level sound intensity mapping, and enforcement of noise pollution laws make it an invaluable asset for maintaining order and preserving the quality of urban soundscapes.

Night life monitoring - Night life monitoring -

Sound classification has multiple use cases

Night life monitoring - Night life monitoring -

Aggression Detection

City nightlife

Breaking glass

Night life monitoring - Night life monitoring -

Gun shot detection

Enforcing noise pollution laws

Many people suffer from the physical effects of environmental noise. It is for that reason, noise pollution laws must be enforced in cities all around the world to reduce environmental noise.

Enforcing these laws can be challenging without sufficient insights. A sound level meter only provides a snapshot decibel measurement, without knowing the sound source. Additionally, a sound we cannot hear, low ad high-frequency noise, can still have negative physical effects on humans and animals.

Our Smart city solutions, such as Night life monitoring, offer easy-to-interpret visual data to help cities improve areas where noise pollution is causing much discomfort. This approach helps reduce environmental noise in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Detect causes of city noise

With acoustic monitors, cities are enabled to target complex sound issues with valuable data revealing the source and its exact location. So whether it is a poorly maintained HVAC-unit or a cracked façade leaking music, the solution to reducing and preventing specific sources of noise pollution is easier to find with the Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor.

Night life monitoring - Night life monitoring -

Our product used for Night life monitoring

Sorama L642 acoustic monitor

L642 Acoustic Monitor

The Sorama L642V Acoustic Monitor forms the foundation of theNight life monitoring solution. It is equipped with 64 MEMS microphones and an integrated camera.

Customer reference Eindhoven

A busy night life area in Eindhoven, The Netherlands called Stratumseind has over 50 bars and clubs. And with 15.000-20.000 visitors each weekend it is a very noisy area at night. Next to causing a lot of noise pollution for surrounding neighbors there are multiple incidents with aggression that have a negative impact on the atmosphere.

The municipality decided to install a Living Lab to increase safety and create a more positive atmosphere. A total of 22 L642 Acoustic Monitors were installed. The sound cameras visualize noise levels on the street and from the night life establishments

On one hand emergency services can respond quickly to early aggression and keep the area safe and pleasant. On the other hand local environmental protection supervisors are equipped with fact based arguments when approaching a bar owner who is responsible for making to much noise.

Additionally, the supervisor can offer a solution to reduce the source which might just be repositioning a subwoofer or repairing a window seal leaking sound. This helps built relationships with owners and cities but also residents.

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