Safety & security

Sport brings people together and for major stadiums, it can be as many as tens of thousands of people. Watching over the safety & security of all these individuals is a big responsibility.

Sorama’s Safety & Security solution for smart stadiums applies sound imaging with the Sorama L642 acoustic monitor. Creating a heatmap-like visualization of sound.

L642 acoustic monitor
Safety & security - safety & security -
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Smart stadiums are state-of-the-art venues that leverage cutting-edge technology to create immersive fan engagement while prioritizing safety and security.

By prioritizing people’s well-being, you create an environment where fans can fully immerse themselves in the game and entertainment.

Fortunately, modern technology has made crowd management more efficient, especially in large venues like sport stadiums. Through the integration of connected devices and various sensor technologies, you now have the ability to monitor the crowd on multiple levels, intervening only when necessary.

Just imagine the possibilities: enhancing fan engagement within the stands, while simultaneously ensuring peoples safety and security.

Our acoustic sensor technology offers various applications within smart stadiums including fan engagement, chant classifying, smart lightning and safety & security. These solutions are specifically designed to foster a positive and stimulating atmosphere for fans and encouraging athlete performance and keeping sponsors satisfied.

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Safety & security - safety & security -

Safety & Security in smart stadiums

Safety & security - safety & security -

Acoustic surveillance​

Acoustic surveillance monitors real-time sound signals, ensuring fan well-being during matches and fostering a positive atmosphere.

Safety & security - safety & security -

System enhancement

Our solution enhances existing systems, providing more than visual confirmation to improve your surveillance experience.

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Augmented monitoring

Augmented monitoring enhances data visualization from sensors, offering immersive, contextual info about physical world sounds and motions.

Privacy By Design

Onboard processing in the Sorama L642Ex sensor makes sure that only relevant audio data and events are transmitted over the network without the need for additional Server Hardware. This makes it a very efficient and easily scalable solution that is also GDPR-proof and fitting of the label Privacy by Design.

Privacy by Design

Anomaly Detection in stadiums

Managing the well-being of thousands of sports fans is a challenging task when you are in the control room without a direct outlook on the crowd.

While many security systems rely mainly on visual tools like network video cameras and video analytics, incorporating multiple layers of sensor technology can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the stadium environment.

The Sorama L642 allows you to monitor specific areas or sections within a stadium. By leveraging acoustic sensor technology, you can create a heatmap-like visualization of sound. This enables targeted surveillance in the inner, middle, and outer stadium zones.

When combined with the chant classifier and anomaly detection algorithms, the Sorama L642 becomes a powerful surveillance system. It detects anomalies in sound patterns, such as disruptive behavior (e.g., shouting, racist slurs, or broken glass sounds). With prompt alerts, you can take necessary actions—whether it’s removing an individual from the stadium or dispatching the cleaning crew to ensure safety.

Elevate stadium safety by embracing cutting-edge technology and digitalizing crowd management. Prioritize the well-being of fans, staff, and athletes while fostering an exceptional sporting atmosphere.

Safety & security - safety & security -

VMS Integration

The L642 series is connected and operated through the free Listener Platform Dashboard. A user friendly interface for setup and configuration and provides insights into sound pressure levels and customer configurable sound events.

To uncover the full potential of the L642’s Safety & Security application, you integrate it in your video management software for a holistic crowd management approach.

Our product used for Safety & Security

Sorama L642 acoustic monitor

L642 Acoustic Monitor

The Sorama L642 Acoustic Monitor is equipped with 64 MEMS-microphones to make sound insightful.

This unique sensor platform is developed with smart stadiums in mind and digitally optimizing fan engagement and safety in and around stadiums.

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