Sorama and Axis bring safety and silence to American cities

Sorama, market leader in sound monitors, and Axis Communications, technology market leader in IP-video, are expanding their partnership to make American cities safer and quieter.

Both companies announced today that they have signed a strategic partner contract in San Francisco in the presence of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Axis Communications has been active in America for many years and Sorama will open its first office in the United States later this year.

The signing of the contract and meeting with the Queen took place during a Dutch trade mission in the states of California and Texas, during which the Queen was informed, among other things, about the opportunities of Dutch tech companies in mobility in the US.

Sorama and Axis bring safety and silence to American cities - Smart cities -

Smart City

As strategic partners, Sorama and Axis have been working closely together for years some time in Europe in the field of Smart City solutions. Together they increase the quality of life and safety & security in several major European cities. Combining noise monitoring with video brings a unique solution to the US to reduce noise pollution in cities while improving safety and quality of life.

Smart stadiums

In addition to solutions for Smart Cities, Axis and Sorama will also focus on ‘Smart Stadiums’. The Smart Stadium solutions are aimed to optimize the fan engagement -increasing enjoyment and experience for supporters in a safe environment. The technology can be used to quickly identify incidents but is mainly intended to create more interaction with the supporters.

Noise Camera

Sorama and Axis are working together on the ‘noise camera’ – a smart camera that identifies and analyses excessive noise and makes a clear visual of the source of the sound. This solution is used to map environmental and traffic noise to systematically counteract ‘noise pollution’, such as vehicles that are too loud. This is very important for cities because noise pollution is proven to have a negative impact on its citizen’s health.

“We are expanding to the US to make cities here safer, quieter and more livable. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Axis to the US,” said Bart Vaes, VP Sales & Marketing. “Our mission is to make the world sound right. We do that by creating valuable insights from sound measurements, combining these insights with state-of-the-art technology and trusted solutions from our partner creates unmatched solutions for our customers.”

“As strategic partners, Axis and Sorama have been working closely together in Europe in the field of Smart City solutions with the common goal to improve safety, security and quality of life,” said James Marcella, Director Industry Associations, Axis Communications, Americas. “Smart Cities are the future of urban life, and intelligent network technology is proving to enhance mobility, livability, and long-term economic success. We’re eager to work closely with Sorama in the US and further explore the possibilities of integrating our technologies.”