Sorama CAM iV64 Brings Silence to Offices, Privacy to Conversations and Comfort to Homes

The fast and accessible way for everyone to visualize noise. As easy as taking a selfie.

Las Vegas, Dec. 13, 2022 – This month, Sorama is launching the Sorama CAM iV64 acoustic camera in the U.S. market. At CES 2023 the company will present how the camera visualizes sound, enabling you to localize noise pollution. This allows construction companies and contractors to make offices, homes and buildings quieter and therefore more comfortable. Noise pollution is much more prevalent than you might think. Just consider the space you are in now. Concentrate on the sound around you…

Do you hear whispering co-workers? The chatter of your neighbors? A humming air conditioner? Or, perhaps, traffic outside…? If you do not hear any disturbing sounds, consider yourself lucky. It means the space you are in is exactly what Sorama strives for: a healthy living or working environment that is completely free of noise pollution. Made possible by the Sorama CAM iV64 acoustic camera.

Noise pollution makes us ill

Buildings free of noise pollution are rare. Noise fills the air in almost every room. And you are usually not even aware of it, because you subconsciously block it out. Or because the noise level is low. Or simply because the noise is always present in the building, so you take it for granted.

Whether the ambient noise bothers you or not, the fact is that, under the surface, noise pollution leads to health problems. From stress to high blood pressure and even to minor inflammations that in the worst case can lead to cancer or heart failure. In short, it demonstrably affects the quality of virtually everyone’s life. At home and in the workplace. This is particularly evident now that, after the COVID years, we are returning to our familiar work environment in great numbers. We go back to the workplace and are suddenly exposed to numerous, harmful noise stimuli.

Noise – almost as harmful as air pollution

Rick Scholte, CEO of Sorama, points out that noise nuisance is almost as harmful as air pollution: “Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans suffer from noise pollution. This number may be even higher than we thought. According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 56% of all disturbing noise in the U.S. is caused by neighbors and traffic. Traffic noise penetrates homes from outdoors, through a leak between a window and frame, for example. The same applies to noise from neighbors.

Our solution aims to improve life and reduce the impact of noise pollution. We have already improved many lives in Europe, and we want to continue this success in the U.S. – starting at CES 2023, where our acoustic camera is on display to the general public.”

As simple as taking a selfie

Rick Scholte says, “At the CES, visitors will see how easy it is to detect noise leaks and then take corrective measures. It does not require any additional technical knowledge on the part of the camera user. The interface of the CAM iV64 is similar to that of tablet or smartphone with apps, so taking an acoustic photo or movie is as intuitive and user-friendly as taking a selfie. All you have to do is point the camera at a wall, floor or ceiling and you instantly see where a noise leak is located.”

Your energy loss is in the picture too

It has probably already occurred to you: if you can capture noise, it should be dead simple to capture heat leaks as well. Because in places where noise escapes, heat follows the same path. On average, buildings lose 25% of their energy. By visualizing this energy loss, it is simple to take targeted measures too. That means, you can use the CAM iV64 to make any building comfortable and healthy, in terms of both energy and acoustics.

2 DetectingSoundLeaksinBuildings

First CAMs already in use

The first acoustic cameras are already in use in the U.S. A growing number of installers, sound isolation booth manufacturers and construction companies are making use of the camera. WhisperRoom, Inc. is one of those companies. They use the CAM iV64 to optimize the acoustics of their Sound Isolation Enclosures. Benton White, COO of WhisperRoom, Inc. says: “With the use of Sorama’s technology, our research and development is now streamlined giving us the ability to make a real-time analysis.”

They are already experiencing what the general public will see at CES 2023: that with a small investment you can instantly make a world of difference to people’s comfort and health.

Sorama opens U.S. offices

To best serve the U.S. market, Sorama will open multiple offices in Austin and Los Angeles in January 2023. The company also partners with NTi Audio as reseller, covering the entire U.S. to serve customers locally.

Interested in the CAM iV64?

Are you also interested in the Sorama CAM iV64? Visit Sorama during CES 2023, which runs from January 5 to 8. You can find the product specifications for the acoustic camera here. Want to see how the CAM iV64 works? Watch this video here.

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