Sorama goes USA – press release

Sorama and Coast to Coast Foundation team up

Sorama has become a member of the Coast to Coast Foundation to promote acoustic camera solutions and expand their operations to the USA.

“The Coast to Coast Foundation is very excited that Sorama joins as an active member,” says Ellen Hiep, President of the Foundation. “Sorama brings unique expertise to the USA. Their groundbreaking acoustic cameras are globally used within the OEM engineering and R&D market. They also prove to be crucial for smart cities and smart stadiums sector, where it provides solutions for environmental monitoring, safety & security, mobility and fan engagement. I consider them a great asset to the transatlantic collaboration between Europe and the West Coast. Sorama’s proven success and their ambition to support and accelerate solutions for smarter, safer, more silent and sustainable environments is very inspiring.”

“We strongly believe that by actively participating in the Foundation, we will be able to make use of the extended network, build strong partnerships and create new business opportunities in the USA,” says Rick Scholte, CEO of Sorama.

Sorama goes USA - press release -
Ellen Hiep, President of the Coast to Coast Foundation and Rick Scholte, CEO of Sorama, sign their collaboration

About Coast to Coast Foundation

Western Europe and the US West Coast face many similar challenges on air quality, oil dependence, sustainable jobs, congestion, crowded cities, etc. Transportation is key in this but also offers opportunities for change and economic growth.

The Coast to Coast Foundation inspires knowledge and innovation exchange between US and European partners, NGO’s, academia and industry working on equitable, smart and clean transportation solutions. In addition, the Foundation supports young talent to learn and innovate through trans-Atlantic exchange and research in this exciting space.

About Sorama

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Sorama makes sound insightful with acoustic cameras. Customers in the OEM engineering and R&D market are companies that focus on improving the acoustic design of their products. In the smart city and smart stadium market, customers are cities, governments and stadium owners with focus on smart monitoring solutions and fan engagement. 

Contact Information

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Bart Vaes, Sales & Marketing Lead 
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