Sorama Portal April 2019: New Features

Measurement workflow: Improved Scan-A UI

The automatic scanning workflow is now more simple and intuitive. Especially for our customers using the Scan-A, this is our Automatic motion device combined with the CAM64 Acoustic Camera. Simply select a specific measurement area and resolution and start measuring larger areas with high resolution.

Scan A improvements 1

Frequency Spectrum: Export octave bands

It is now possible to export (1/3) octave band values to CSV. You can easily compare results with other devices and specs in the same format.

export terts bands

Near Field Analysis: Combined view of Pressure, Velocity and Intensity

A combined image of Pressure, Velocity and Intensity gives most insight in the sound behavior. Therefore, it is now possible to directly see these holograms in one view. You can zoom the holograms independently. 

1 Nearfield analysis pressure velocity intensity one module

Export Module: Properties automatically added to exported file names

When you export an image or video from any analysis module, you can select automatic file naming properties like frequency, cut-off filter, type of hologram, etc. This will help you to make your analysis unambiguous and repeatable. Your latest preferences are automatically saved.

Automatic Filenaming

Sorama Acquisition Service

The changes require an updated version of the Sorama Acquisition Service. This means that you will have to update the acquisition service in order to be able to use the Sorama Portal.

We hope you will enjoy the new improvements and, as always, we appreciate your feedback!