Sorama Portal September Release

A long-expected moment is near: the next portal release will contain near field acoustic holography in the new portal! 

Visualize your near field images in order to get the detailed analysis for solving your sound issues. This is holography as you know it, but then with a better workflow, look and feel. Go check it out yourself, an illustration is given below.  

sorama nearfield nah holography drill

This also means nearly all features are transferred to the new portal. Once we transferred all features, we will move away from the Silverlight Portal. Meanwhile, we will make sure you will be able to use all your old data also in the new portal. 

This release contains improvements for the Measure Workflow and Analysis Workflow.

Measure Workflow: Subscanning for higher resolution

In order to cover areas in the near field larger than your CAM, it was already possible to do scanning measurements. Now it will also be possible to do sub-scanning, which means you do a scanning measurement with a smaller microphone distance than 2 cm. Improve the frequency range and resolution of your near field images. You can do this manually with your CAM1K or CAM64, or you could make use of our automated high resolution Scan A solution (see below).

1 sorama scana

Analysis Workflow: Acoustic Holography   

Previously, holography measurements were exported to the Silverlight portal for analysis. From now on, analysis can be done in the Stream Portal as well. Select the right frequencies and visualize your Pressure, Velocity and Intensity images. Upload your own background images and export the result quickly in Webm-format.

1 nearfield nah acoustic holography sorama portal
1 nearfield nah acoustic holography sorama portal 2

Analysis Workflow: Zoom in on beamforming images

Get a closer look to your far field images with the zoom function. You can do this with the scrolling wheel of your mouse. 

1 sorama portal farfield zooming 1
1 sorama portal farfield zooming 2
1 sorama portal farfield zooming 3

Important Note

The changes require an updated version of the Sorama Acquisition Service. This means that you will have to update the acquisition service in order to be able to use the Sorama Portal. If you need to use the Portal after this date, but you have not been able to update the acquisition service yet, please contact us for an intermediate solution.

The Sorama Portal will be offline on September 20th between 17:00 and 18:00 (UTC+2). Please contact us if this time is inconvenient for you.

We hope you will enjoy the new improvements and appreciate your feedback!