Sorama Software Portal update Q1 2020

Since our most recent upgrade of September 2019, we have been planning and implementing the next features in the Sorama Portal.
We are happy to announce that the central topic in the 2020 Q1-release is: you, our user!
With thanks to valuable feedback we got from the beta-release users, we are confident to provide you an improved user experience.

New style

The first thing to notice will be a new, unified style consistently applied throughout the Portal.
Visual queues, carefully designed interactions and faster loading make for improved usability of the entire system.
Let us know what you think!


Step-by-step navigation

Are you new to the Portal or has it been a while since you’ve used the acoustic camera?
The Portal now offers you a guided tour to show you the most important features and how they work. Follow one of the walkthroughs to get you started on the basics. You might run into functionalities you never knew existed before!


Integrated ‘Knowledge Base’

At Sorama we want to provide engineers with the tools and knowledge to tackle your acoustic problems. You’ve had the tools, now we present you the knowledge.
At every step of your process, we share relevant insights to enable your succes!
From tips for a better camera-setup up to in-depth theoretical content on acoustics and vibrations, it’s there for you.


Community feedback

We’d love to hear from you! New feature requests, topics that you think should be added to the knowledge base or whatever you feel like sharing with the Sorama development- and consultancy team. Clicking the Feedback button in the Portal will give you the opportunity to drop us your message.