Sorama Software-portal Update September 2019

The Sorama Portal will be updated on September 4th 2019 between 17.00 and 18:00 (UTC +01:00).

With fresh memories of the summer-leave in our mind, we like to look ahead now.
To make your sound-camera even more valuable than before, we are happy to announce additional features and functionalities.
Thanks for letting us know your thoughts and suggestions!

Your CAM-functionalities have been updated!

Let’s start with the news for the advanced users in Near-Field applications.

The upgraded Sorama Portal will have more and easier tools for manipulation of the background image.
From now on, cropping and editing of your background image can be done directly in the portal in three steps:

1) Select your background image
2) Fit the four outer corners to match your sound-measurement field
3) You’re now ready to start analyzing!

The below tutorial video is proving our continuous effort to make life easier, watch and learn!

Automatic Harmonic Detection added for your convenience

Making sound insightful often relates to vibration, resonance and… harmonics.
Firstly, we improved the readability of the selected frequency.

In the narrowband mode, it is now easy to see if you’re dealing with an harmonic related to the selected frequency.

Updating Metadata is available for all Cloud measurements

Adding and changing metadata related to your measurement, is now possible, at any time.

You’re completely free to change names of measurements without having to redo a single measurement.

Even when all measurements are done, you may realize you need another property added to the data-set.

From now on you simply add the field and continue your job.

Sorama Software-portal Update September 2019 -


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Thanks to your user-input and feedback we can keep improving our tool.

Do you have suggestions for further updates, either big or small?

Let us know with the response-button and we’ll contact you soon to listen to your ideas.

Sorama Acquisition Service

The changes do require an updated version of the Sorama Acquisition Service.
We trust you will enjoy the new improvements and, as always, we are glad to support you!

The Sorama Portal will be updated on September 4th 2019 between 17.00 and 18:00 (UTC +01:00).