Sorama & TU/ecomotive in Austin

As you might have read, Sorama partnered with TU/ecomotive to add a new dimension to Zero Emission Mobility: the reduction of noise emissions. Millions of people experience pollution of noise from transportation and traffic. By optimizing the sound design of vehicles, we can take a big step to reducing traffic noise pollution. And furthermore, inspire companies and municipalities to start solving noise pollution in an effective way.

We took the first step by showing the TU/ecomotive team how to optimize the sound design of their car ZEM. The students quickly understood how to detect and localize noise sources in their car with the CAM iV64. Luka, the engineer responsible for the sound design, was really intrigued: ‘’It was a real pleasure to work with this innovative technology and being able to visualize which part of our car makes the sound. I always like to learn more about using new technologies and loved that we got to test the equipment on our own car to look for ways to improve it.’’

During the last part of their USA trip, the engineering team did more measurements by themselves. The first results showed that most sound is coming from the motor and DC-DC converter and the wheels, due to the contact with the ground. TU/ecomotive’s team will do more in depth tests with ZEM to find out what component of ZEM is most pollutive, after which the team will optimize the car to reduce the noise.

TUecomotivemeasuringZEMwithCAMiV64 6
TUecomotivemeasuringZEMwithCAMiV64 5
TUecomotivemeasuringZEMwithCAMiV64 7
TUecomotivemeasuringZEMwithCAMiV64 8
TUecomotivemeasuringZEMwithCAMiV64 4