Sorama will participate in Soccerex Americas with our smart stadium solutions

On 15 and 16 March, Sorama will participate in Soccerex Americas, one of the most prominent soccer fairs in the world. At the event we will present our smart stadium solution for those who are looking for a way to engage more with the fans within your stadium while keeping them safe at the same time.

Sorama’s smart stadium solutions enables you to improve your fan engagement, crowd safety & security and environmental impact at the same time. Acoustic cameras in your stadium enable noise and engagement maps as well as classification of abnormal or alarming sounds from the stands, with a potential sound localization accuracy at seat level. Also, the Sorama L642 acoustic cameras seamlessly connect to your security management systems, smart lighting and communication networks.

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Smart Stadium Solution at PSV, the Netherlands

A deployment of 30 Sorama L642 acoustic cameras is operational at the Philips Stadium of professional football club PSV in the Netherlands. During the matches, the gathered sound data is visualized in real-time as a SoundSurface map that represents the loudness of the fans. PSV uses this to engage with the fans and encourage them to make more noise, and thus create a better ambiance. At the same time, the edge AI enables location accurate anomaly detection of sounds from the stands, which is being utilized for security management.

From Smart Stadium to Smart City

The Sorama solution is expandable outside the stadium and into the city for mobility, environmental, safety & security and crowd management. It may be utilized for standardized (class-1-quality) noise measurements, acoustic mapping, anomaly, fireworks, vehicle, breaking glass, aggression and alarm detection, among others. A currently often applied application is the vehicle noise camera, where the acoustic camera enables critical vehicle level noise identification.

Sorama is part of the SportsNL delegation at Soccerex, coordinated by Orange Sports Forum.

Sorama will participate in Soccerex Americas with our smart stadium solutions - Soccerex -

Fan engagement on Social Media

An example of fan engagement is PSV’s Instagram post. They shared the sound insights between the match of PSV and PEC Zwolle. These insights stimulate fans to be more loud. In the comments people react by tagging friends to show them how loud their section was and encourage each other to be even louder next match.

“It’s the 86th minute of the match between PSV and PEC Zwolle. The score is 1 – 1. PSV-star Gakpo gets the ball and he is about to score the winning goal. The entire stadium explodes when the ball hits the net. The crowd is going crazy and cheering loudly. At that moment, the sound level meter of in the stadium peaks at 102.07dB. This was the highest amount of decibels measured during the match.”

Sorama will participate in Soccerex Americas with our smart stadium solutions - Soccerex -