Spectral Crossing at GLOW

Join us in crossing the spectrum from sound to light with “Spectral Crossing.” Your eyes will be the witness of the sounds that burden or please your ears and mind. Sorama will present diverse ways to make sound insightful. The pole fixated sound camera transfers the acoustic and location dependent information to the projector and onto the crosswalk for you to see. The Sorama L642 acoustic camera is connected to a Christie D16WU-HS Laser projector which is provided through our neighbors Sahara Benelux. This 16.000 Ansilumen projector produces the video at the crosswalk. 

Crossing the road at a crosswalk during rush hour is typically safer, even though the noise produced by rush hour traffic is very unsafe. In Europe alone 1.6 million healthy life years each year are lost due to noise pollution from traffic. Sorama has made it its mission to create awareness on this environmental issue. At Glow you are literally making yourself heard to attract attention to the crosswalk by projecting light directed by sound. 

This setup is created with the Sorama L642 fixed acoustic camera, which is available for cities and local governments to monitor sound in their environment. Moreover, the powerful edge computer on board of the sensor array can locate as well as qualify sounds. This way unsafe or unhealthy sounds can be recognized and tracked to their origin. With these new insights actions can be taken to reduce noise pollution, increase safety and improve our living environment. 

Spectral Crossing at GLOW -