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New York City has become the first city in the United States to adopt the cutting-edge Sorama CAM iV64 acoustic camera for noise reduction. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) works ‘round the clock to protect and improve the quality of life in the city that never sleeps.

By using the Sorama CAM iV64, NYC is pioneering the use of the latest advanced technology to support noise regulation, making it easier for city officials to identify and address noise issues.

New York City - New york city -

"New York City has become the first city in the United States to adopt the Sorama CAM iV64 acoustic camera to reduce noise."

– The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

New York City - New york city -

Noise complaints

New acoustic cameras are part of New York City’s campaign to reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution is a major environmental issue that can seriously impact the health of city residents and workers, leading to loss of hearing, stress, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, and cardiovascular problems.

The NYC Noise Code sets standards for acceptable noise levels and regulations for various noise sources.

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforces these regulations and handles citizen complaints. In 2022, the DEP received over 300,000 noise complaints through its 311 service.

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New York City Noise Code

The New York City Noise Code: “balances the important reputation of New York as a vibrant, world-class city that never sleeps, with the needs of those who live in, work in, and visit the city”. To maintain this balance, the city provides guidelines and preventative measures to control noise pollution.

The city of New York also uses specific tools to get an insight into the noise levels within the city. One of the tools that helps monitor and reduce noise is the  Sorama CAM iV64 acoustic camera, which visualizes and identifies sound sources to help address noise issues and enforce regulations.

New York City - New york city -
New York City - New york city -

Finding sound sources

Many cities struggle with unresolved noise complaints, and NYC is no exception. To solve a noise complaint, the sound source must first be located. In a busy city like New York, this can prove to be quite a challenge.

The Sorama CAM iV64 helps by easily identifying, locating and visualizing the source. Using an acoustic camera saves time and effort to find the cause and drastically improves the number of resolved noise complaints.

Noise monitoring technology

The Noise Code promotes the use of noise monitoring technology to enforce regulations and encourages public involvement.  Visualizing sound is a key part of this strategy.

By making sound insightful and educating citizens on how they can reduce noise in their own surroundings, the Sorama acoustic camera empowers people to take action. In return they help lower noise levels for a better quality of life in the city.

New York City - New york city -

Sustainability & energy efficiency

The Sorama CAM iV64, has a variety of applications, besides visualizing noise sources, it can also be used for the detection of air leaks in building facades.

Visualizing air leaks in buildings enables quicker repairs and supports local laws, such as the NY local law 97  which aims for sustainable buildings to meet new energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission limits. Buildings account for approximately two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. Local Law 97 is one of the most ambitious plans in the US for reducing emissions in the nation.

New York City - New york city -
New York City - New york city -

Livable city

The New York City Noise Code takes a comprehensive approach to managing urban noise. By setting clear standards and actively enforcing them, the DEP aims to reduce noise-related stress and health issues, contributing to a more livable city. 

The Sorama CAM iV64 provides actionable insights by identifying, locating and visualizing sound sources even from a distance. Information, education and insights will help New York City in its fight against noise pollution.

"Functionality of the Sorama CAM iV64."

The Sorama CAM iV64 is being used by the New York City DEP for:

Detection: The acoustic camera uses an array of microphones to detect noise levels and identify their sources. The microphones capture sound waves from different directions, allowing the camera to create a visual representation of the noise source.

Localization: The data collected by the microphones is processed to pinpoint the exact location of the noise. This is done by triangulating the sound waves to determine their origin with high precision.

Visualization: The CAM iV64 provides a visual image on the 7-inch touch display, overlaid with a heatmap that highlights the intensity and location of the noise. This makes it easier to identify specific noise emitters, such as construction equipment, loud vehicles, or HVAC systems.

Analysis: The captured data can be analyzed to determine if the noise levels exceed the legal limits set by the NYC Noise Code. This helps in identifying violations accurately and efficiently.

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Sorama CAM iV64 acoustic camera

Sorama CAM iV64 Acoustic camera

The handheld Sorama CAM iV64 Acoustic camera provides actionable data through easy-to-understand sound visualizations.

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