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The city of Newport, Rhode Island, turned to Sorama for help in reducing the noise complaints in the popular vacation destination.

Smart city news platform Kurrant spoke to Jim O’Halloran, former IT Director for Newport, and Sorama CEO Rick Scholte to learn more about the project, the successful Proof of Concept (PoC) and how AI has helped curb noise pollution in Newport.

You can watch the Kurrant video below.

new port rhode island

"The more we started to look at this problem, we noticed how difficult it was to control it and even enforce it."

– Quote Jim O’Halloran, former IT Director for Newport

Newport, Rhode Island - Newport -

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Our products

Newport, Rhode Island - Newport -

L642 scoustic monitor

The Sorama L642V Acoustic Monitor forms the foundation of the loud vehicle detection solution. It is equipped with 64 MEMS microphones and an integrated camera.

Our solution for traffic noise

Newport, Rhode Island - Newport -

Loud vehicle detection

Traffic noise is one of the most common noise complaints. Therefore, reducing traffic noise can have a large impact on the livability within cities. Environmental monitoring allows you to detect loud vehicles and visualize the noise issue.

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