The new Noise Camera – making city traffic safer and quieter

Sorama and Axis Communications are launching an innovation that will make town centers safer and quieter: the Noise Camera.

Together, we can map noise pollution from vehicles and enable enforcement. During Intertraffic Amsterdam, from 29 March to 1 April in the Amsterdam RAI, Axis Communications and Sorama will present their all-in-one solution together with FF Group (license plate and vehicle recognition) and Milestone (video management system).

Axis and Sorama have been working together for a long time. They previously worked together on a pilot in Eindhoven, in which the sound cameras visualized the (un)safety of the city’s nightlife. By combining smart cameras from Axis and acoustic monitors from Sorama, the solution proved to be able to detect, identify and locate noise pollution and aggression and forward it to the authorities. In the same city the ‘Noise Camera’ is currently proving its value – eight cameras on the Kennedylaan continuously monitor the noise level on one of the busiest roads in Eindhoven.

Awareness of noise pollution

The smart sound cameras are equipped with 64 microphones that register where a sound comes from and how loud the sound is. By analyzing the images with software, the sound can be recognized and it is possible to respond to the noise pollution. Possible reactions could be adjustment of the street scene, more physical enforcement at specific moments or automatic law enforcement (subject to local laws and legislation).

The new Noise Camera - making city traffic safer and quieter - Noise camera -

Proactive prevention

Epko van Nisselrooij, Smart City expert bij Axis Communications: “This specific application immediately visualizes noise pollution caused by vehicles. In Belgium they are already familiar with the ‘muffler camera’, that helps visualize who is causing noise pollution with their vehicle and attach a consequence. This is only a first step in the possibilities offered by our innovation. Ultimately, cities can map out noise pollution hotspots and possibly alter the situation to change this. In this way we can move from reactive enforcement to proactive prevention of noise pollution.”

Just as harmful as air pollution

“According to a WHO study in 2018, noise pollution in the EU is responsible for 1.6 million lost healthy life years per year,” says Rick Scholte, CEO at Sorama. “It is therefore just as harmful to people as air pollution, which often receives more attention. Fortunately, we see that cities are ready to pay more attention to this subject. So together we are taking steps towards a city center that is quieter, more pleasant and safer for everyone.”