The Sorama Community; Our alliance against noise pollution


Is acoustics a high priority in your product design? No? Then this article is meant for you.

”Environmental noise is among the top environmental risks to health”, reads this CNN article from 2018. “Excessive noise can affect blood pressure, hypertension, and heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks and mortality from cardiovascular disease. Children’s cognition and health are also affected.”

Close your eyes and listen. Environmental noise is everywhere. The traffic outside, the ventilation of your house, even the fans of your PC. Imagine the difference if each one of these products produced a few fewer decibels.

WHY do we invest in our community?

At Sorama our entire approach is aimed at one goal; to bring about global noise reduction. We’ve started out developing our innovative acoustic cameras, and have gradually built an entire service model around it. You see, just creating powerful analysis hardware ánd software gets us nowhere near our objective. We need to have like-minded engineers that are well equipped and skilled in acoustics in order to reduce the sound emitted from products in all kinds of industries. The Sorama Community brings them all together in order to exchange knowledge with all involved, and silence the world one product at a time.

HOW do we set up our community?

It all starts with our fair service model. It might be a bit complicated at times, but the combination of one-off hardware, software services and pay-per-use advanced functionalities allows us to keep the threshold low. No longer is acoustic design only for high-end products. As I said, we need to have support from all kinds of engineers who are out in the field, silencing their products.sorama-academy.png

After we’ve equipped these engineers with our powerful technology, the Sorama Academy provides our end-users with the opportunities to become experts in the field of acoustics. Not only are we ourselves experts in noise reduction and acoustic- or sound design, and will gladly share our knowledge, but the strength of our community lies in its peer-to-peer nature. At our events, we invite our end-users to share their own use-cases and learn from each other in real-life scenarios.

Setting up this community is not something that we can achieve by ourselves. We have recently launched our Portal Partner program in order to break through barriers that Sorama will never be able to. The things that we as an organization lack in order to attract engineers to our community globally, and not just in our own area, is rooted in cultural and logistical barriers. All of our partners are unique and bring their own value to the table, and are considered full members of our community.

WHAT are the benefits of our community?

Joining the Sorama Community gives you access to our tools, such as the Sorama Acoustic Design Cycle, and events. We organize quarterly seminars that can be attended in person or virtually surrounding a topical theme concerning the recent interests of our community. On top of that we share the floor with our network, and use these events as a platform for community members to put their own organization in the spotlight. Sporadically, we set up a seminar on a more specialized topic; for example ‘Psychoacoustics’.

We do not only have the expertise, but also the facilities needed in order to optimize these kinds of events. From our academy room equipped with the newest technology for digital teaching to our acoustic lab with an anechoic chamber to do controlled experiments. The Sorama Community has all that you need for better sound design.


Do you create mechanical- or electrical products and want to be in control over its noise and vibrations? Let’s join forces.