VAR Program L642

Sorama launched the next generation acoustic monitoring for cities: the Sorama L642 platform. A unique solution which delivers all capabilities of the traditional environmental sound level meters, and more.

To be able to be successful in the market and to enhance the value of our solution we are closely collaborating with selected Value Added Resellers (VARs). VARs that can make a project a success by adding  their own specific expertise and knowledge.

Joint long-term business success

Our objective is a joint long-term business success with our VARs. Reason why we highly value our selection process and invest time and effort in selecting our VARs.

Your benefits as a Sorama VAR

  • Access to state-of-the-art technology

  • Collaboration with a strong healthy technology company

  • Dedicated team of Sorama experts

  • Continuous qualification and certification

  • Special discount (qualified, bronze, silver, gold)

Our offering

  • Discount based on membership level

  • Commercial & Technical training

  • Marketing & Technical support

  • Lead generation

  • Certification process

  • VAR partner portal / cloud platform


How do you qualify as a Sorama VAR?

  1. All our partners must be able to demonstrate that they are experts in a specific application area before they are accepted into our VAR program. Application areas dedicated to the Smart City discipline are (but not limited to):

    •Safety & Security


    •Smart Mobility

    •Special or Research Applications


  2. Follow (online) certification workshops including

    •training of theoretical as well as practical knowledge (with a minimum of 1 dedicated person per VAR)

    •evaluating knowledge through a certification test

    •based on demo equipment several practical exercises


  3. Commitments

    •Actively engage in projects where L642 could be applied

    •Annual NET Turnover with Sorama to maintain specific VAR membership level status

    •Purchase of L642 equipment for demo purposes & PoCs (special integrator kits are available at discounted price).

    •Minimal of 2 annual marketing outings, depending on membership level (e.g. outings via LinkedIn, blog, vlog, magazine, webinar)


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