Vermeer Surface Excavation Machine

Vermeer Corporation has asked Sorama to support Engineering in substantially reducing noise levels of the Vermeer T1255 Surface Excavation Machine while in operation. 

  • The Sorama CAM1K Acoustic Camera was used both for Far Field measurements as well as for close distance Near Field scanning measurements. 
  • The visualization of noise at specific dominant frequencies provided great insight. 
  • Already after the first ‘measurement & analysis’ phase, the resulting clear-cut recommendations of Sorama were successfully implemented to realize the dB-reduction objectives. 
  • Consequently, our customer and a community close to a large open-pit mine in Switzerland, were very satisfied with the realized outcome.   

About Vermeer

Vermeer Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. Vermeer serves the construction, landscaping, environmental, excavation, and forage markets domestically and internationally. Its products are sold and supported in over 60 countries.

The innovative Vermeer® T1255 Terrain Leveler® surface excavation machine offers superior production in a variety of applications, including surface mining, site preparation, overburden removal, road construction / reconstruction and soil remediation. Depending on the model, it can cut an area up to 12 feet (3.7 m) wide and up to 32 inches (81.3 cm) deep in a single pass.

Vermeer Surface Excavation Machine -