WAVES promoted to mainstage GLOW

WAVES is a unique project by Sorama and TU/e OPENLIGHT, which premièred back in 2013 on GLOW NEXT and is now promoted to the mainstage of the GLOW Eindhoven event in the city centre. Light and sound are both forms of waves. Just as the radio and also our cell-phones communicate by means of waves. Waves are literally flying everywhere around us, yet we have never seen them. Until now! Because right here, at the very place where radio and television were once created, sound waves have been made visible. Whistle, clap, talk, sing or scream and see how you produce those waves. Enjoy the experience of how waves move through space and rebounce on the walls. Discover how different tones also produce different wave patterns.

GLOW Eindhoven 2015 is the tenth edition of one of the largest light festivals in Europe and runs from 7 to 14 November. This year’s theme is Nature & Architecture and the opening ceremony is being held in front of Eindhoven city hall on November 7th at 18:30 CET. GLOW is a large platform where the efforts and skills of engineers, artists and designers in the field of lighting (and in our case acoustics) our brought together for everyone to enjoy. At last year’s event over 650.000 people visited GLOW.

The WAVES installation is based on the acoustic cameras and technology of Sorama and nine students of Industrial Design of the TU/e in a masterclass of OPENLIGHT. This specific setup holds two CAM1ks, totalling 2048 microphones. The Sorama CAM1k is normally used in industry to tackle noise pollution and and unwanted vibrations and is used by companies like DAF Trucks, Philips, ASML, FEI Company, Inalfa Roof Systems, Brink Climate Systems and many more. Currently, a much smaller acoustic camera with the lowest threshold to date, the Sorama CAM64, is available for companies in Belgium and The Netherlands.

At GLOW 2015 WAVES is situated in  the “Smalle Haven” close to the well-known pub street “Stratumseind”.