Why drones buzz

Bringing research into practice, making drones quieter

Knowledge gained in our recent “How hummingbirds hum” research helps improving aircraft and drone rotors as well as laptop and vacuum cleaner fans. The new insights and tools can help make engineered devices that generate complex forces like animals do quieter.

Drones can be examined using our sound cameras, to make them more quiet.

This is exactly what we at Sorama aim to do: We make sound visible in order to make appliances quieter. Noise pollution is becoming an ever-greater problem. And a decibel meter alone is not going to solve that. You need to know where the sound comes from and how it is produced, in order to be able to eliminate it. That’s what our sound cameras are for.

The hummingbird wing research gives us a completely new and very accurate model as a starting point, so we can do our work even better and support in making the world sound right.

Drone manufacturers, like Avular, are using our technology and acoustic design cycle to stay at the forefront of the industry.